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Good Morning Kim,

I can’t tell you how much my daughter has enjoyed and benefited from tutoring sessions with Lara—she is a lovely person and such a patient teacher. Claire likes her so much that that in itself motivates her to do her daily homework, and she has made really remarkable progress in a few weeks! Lara has been a delight to have in our house as well, she is so gracious and friendly.

Thanks so much, and very best regards,
– Maureen

“Hi Jennifer…The kids have had 2 days with Teresa now and absolutely connect with her and adore spending time with her. Eisha’s confidence in math has grown enormously she feels very prepared for grade nine. She said this is the first time in years she feels no worries and nerves about math and actually feels smart. Sunil feels in his words “valued” she thinks “I’m smart”…I asked him what makes this special hearing or feeling this from her. His response because she’s a teacher. Really great head start to the year. Many thanks”

– Mother of Eisha & Sunil

“I was never good at math even from the start & so I never liked it. I always felt like the dumb kid in the back who didn’t understand the teachers. My mom always wanted more than that from me & had high expectations when it comes to grades. Since Jen cam & set me up with a tutor I’ve being doing so much better.

Elaine, my tutor has taught me more than most of my math teachers. She understands the way I learn & puts it to her advantage so then I can grasp every concept more easily & quickly. At the beginning of the year I was at 20%. I just did my math test & got 83%”

– Julia, Grade 9

“Thank you for checking in. Julie is amazing. Zach has connected well with her and you can see a change in his confidence. His work ethic has improved and he is following through with the suggestions that she is giving to him. He says he learns more in one hour with Julie than he does in one day of class time. Your tutors are obviously screened properly and really value the learning process. This has been a much different experience than the tutor we had in grade 6 with Academic Advantage. The fact that we receive regular updates after each session provides valuable information on what he is working on and how he is progressing. It also assures me that the tutor/student relationship and progress is being monitored which we did not see with the organization we went with before.

Zach has two tests this week. It will be interesting to see the results. He seems completely prepared as Julie has been working on the two subjects with him. Let’s hope the confidence boost continues on and drives away the test anxiety he usually experiences. At least I know that he is mastering the material which is a huge first step.”

– Mother of Zach

“We have now had 2 lessons with Debbie (Sat & Sun). Shannon & Debbie work well together, thank you for making an effort to match them. I am very pleased with the effort put out by both.
Many thanks for your help”

– Mother of Shannon

“Lauren is fantastic. I feel that her and Carly are really working well together. Carly tells me that she really understands math with Lauren because she makes it easy for her to understand.”

– Mother of Carly

“I did want to let you know that things are working out beautifully with Jeff Deline. Calum really enjoys him and responds well to his teaching/tutoring style. They share an intense interest in Star Wars, and at the end of tutoring sessions Jeff rewards Calum for a good session by doing Star Wars trivia questions with him. Calum’s grade in math has gone from a C on the last report card to a B on the most recent report card, and he is feeling happier about school in general with his success in math.”

– Mother of Calum

“Both girls enjoy their time with Maryna. I believe Noelle is showing great improvement with her math skills and her willingness to complete her homework or accept help from her parents! has increase, too!
Lindsay, doesn’t believe she needs tutoring but I can see she likes her time spent with Maryna and is picking us additional skills, even if she doesn’t know it.

Maryna is very nice and accommodating to our schedule (we had to move our Thursday session to Wed next week, so that Lindsay could compete in tap competition) and we appreciate that. So, I believe everything is going well.”

– Mother of Noelle and Lindsay

“Rolph is now actually doing 2 sessions a week with Tony, which is good.
A big surprise is that Armandt absolutely loves the sessions with Tony. He actually looks forward to it, and it is a real highlight in his week. I hope he continues to be so positive about his tutoring!

The boys (and us) are so happy with Tony. He is just perfect for them. He is calm and soft spoken and just lovely. Thanks Jennifer!”

– Mother of Rolph and Armandt

“Everything so far is working out great. Leigh Ann has even come in for an extra day last week to help Riker get ready for a test. He thinks he did well, but he did mention that the Teacher had a few questions on the test that where not in the lesson they were working on. It looks like Riker has even caught up to the class now. I think Leigh Ann is great. Thanks for finding her for us.”

– Mother of Riker

“Thank you for checking in. Tianna enjoyed the session and really likes Kimberly. Tianna told me she likes the one on one setting and especially being here at home. Kimberly is friendly and I think she will be very good for Tianna. We are looking forward to next Thursday.”

– Father of Tianna

“I just wanted to give you some feedback on Kiran. She is great with Kale. After his first session he wrote an exam and got an ‘A’!! The teacher asked him how he did that and he told him and his classmates about Kiran. She has a lovely way to explain things to Kale, she is patient and kind to him. He is happy to meet with her and will focus very well over the whole hour. He feels much more confident with math now. He prepares also for when Kiran comes so he knows what he needs to go over with her. Thank you for choosing her to be his tutor. I felt I should share this with you.”

– Mother of Kale

“Wow, that was fast. Jordan is progressing wonderfully. Ali is a great teacher and Jordan really likes him. Thank you so much for everything you have done.”

– Mother of Jordan

“My children just have their session with Ali. Jason is absolutely ecstatic after his tutoring, he said Ali explained to him so well that he really understands how to do his homework. Melissa didn’t think the tutoring would help much, but was proved wrong after her session with Ali. I am extremely happy with the result. I have to ask Ali to earlier on Thurs because I have a class this week.
Thanks for checking in with the progress.”

– Mother of Jason and Melissa

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